Iradj Amini Afghan Pashto Singer

Iradj Amini Afghan Pashto Singer

Iradj Amini was born in Kabul, Afghanistan and moved to Europe with the family shortly after birth.
Currently living in Germany , Iradj had a passion for performing at an early age and his father started teaching him the magic of tabla when he was five years old. At that age Iradj was singing alongside playing tabla and knew that he wanted to be a performer.

Iradj refined his Tabla skills and became acquainted with many stars such as Farhad Shams, Jawid Sharif and many more. With years Iradj gained a lot of experience not only performing tabla but also drums and percussions on big stages. But Iradj’s ambition for performing did not stop there, however his comprehensive talent and love for music especially afghan and Indian classical music aspired him to become a singer.

Iradj wanted to pursue a career in music professionally, hence he started learning the basic techniques of singing from Razaq Rahimi and piano techniques from Haris Nuri. He also took Opera classes from the Famous Opera singer Marina Ivanova.

A few years later Iradj moved to the United Kingdom and attended the LCCM School (London Centre of Contemporary Music) while continuing having lessons with the famous Indian classical Singer Ustad Fida Hussain Khan and Ustad Mehboob Nadim. He then attended a well-known musical academy "Royal College of Music" in London.

After successful completion of the courses, it was the perfect time to start his career as a singer.

Moving back to Germany ,
Iradj released his first single - "Bedil" in autumn 2014 which soon became one of the best ghazal songs and was nominated in the top five ghazal songs at the 9th ATN Awards (Aryana Television).” Bedil” was followed by mast songs such as "Yaraam" , "Mayen Tob", " Aroos " and many more.

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